Max & Shred Brief Data

Show Language: English

Show Type: Scripted

Premiere date: October 6, 2014

Show network: Nicktoons

Show country: United States

Official website: Link

Show runtime: 30 min

Show schedule: Monday, 18:00

Show IMDB Link: IMDb Link

Show status: Running

Show genres:

Comedy Children
YEAR: 2014

Max & Shred Season 3 Is Yet To Be Announced By Nicktoons

Current Show Status: Running

Next Season Status: undefined

Max & Shred Overview & Latest News

Max & Shred is an American 30 minute scripted children television series, which kicked off on October 6, 2014, on Nicktoons and is broadcast every Monday at 18:00. The show is currently in its 2nd season.

Nicktoons is yet to announce the renewal of Max & Shred for Season 3 as well as its cancelation. Sign up to track down the show's status and its release date.

"Max & Shred" is a buddy comedy about the unlikely friendship that forms when easygoing superstar snowboarder, Max Asher, moves in with anxious academic, Alvin Ackerman, and his family. The show centers on the boys' odd couple relationship as they help and hinder each other through the trials of teenage life. Abby, Alvin's driven older sister, and Howie, Alvin's super smart eight-year-old protégé aid the boys in their adventures. Each half hour multi-cam episode will comically highlight the challenges of the young science whiz living with a celebrity athlete in the bustling ski town of Blizzard Springs. It's gonna be siiiick!

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Max & Shred: List of Episodes With Release Dates

Season 2

#TitleRelease Date
02x13The Big Dance Hand Plant 360January 24, 2016
02x12The Tail Grab Reality RunJanuary 23, 2016
02x11The Crossbone Method College CaperJanuary 17, 2016
02x10The Kickin' Chicken Banana StackJanuary 16, 2016
02x09The Max Air Maxcot MethodJanuary 10, 2016
02x08The Spaghetti Air Science FairMarch 31, 2016
02x07The Inverted Life Coach LayoutMarch 30, 2016
02x06The Mctwisted Memory MakingMarch 29, 2016
02x05The Rock And Roll Rodeo 540March 28, 2016
02x04The Duckfooted Dreadful DateMarch 24, 2016
02x03The Freeriding Family MashupMarch 23, 2016
02x02The Ghostly Grommet BustMarch 22, 2016
02x01The Shifty Girlfriend 360March 21, 2016

Season 1

#TitleRelease Date
01x26The Perfect Layback LifeJuly 11, 2015
01x25The Slopestyle Syrup SlobJune 27, 2015
01x24The Switch Inward Love FlipJanuary 16, 2015
01x23The Chill Bro LipslideJanuary 15, 2015
01x22The Goofy Tamedog AirJanuary 14, 2015
01x21Boardercross Bionic BoostJanuary 13, 2015
01x20The Backside Family EggflipJanuary 12, 2015
01x19The Buttery Bad Luck StreakJanuary 7, 2015
01x18The Joey Huckfest PrankpipeJanuary 6, 2015
01x17The Blindside Scoutmaster DisasterJanuary 5, 2015
01x16The Air-to-Fakie AuthobiographyNovember 19, 2014
01x15The Yeti Misty Flip MakeoverNovember 18, 2014
01x14The Switch Jolly Mambo VarialNovember 17, 2014
01x13The Academic Bowl Chong ProblemNovember 5, 2014
01x12Nose Butter Brain FreezeNovember 4, 2014
01x11The Switch Shift Birthday PartyNovember 3, 2014
01x10The Stalefish Double FlipOctober 22, 2014
01x09The Half-Cab Robot Baby BonkOctober 21, 2014
01x08The Alt-Ctrl-Shifty Laptop BurnOctober 20, 2014
01x07The Blunt Stall Auction FlailOctober 16, 2014
01x06The Frontside Hero SlideOctober 15, 2014
01x05The Snow Day Variety MethodOctober 14, 2014
01x04The Nosebonk NemesisOctober 9, 2014
01x03The 1080 Room TwistOctober 8, 2014
01x02The Lien Love TriangleOctober 7, 2014
01x01The Big Hair Switch 360October 6, 2014