Welcome to the RD V2.0 Beta

RD V2.0 is the web project made for tracking the show's status. Our database currently contains 5718 television shows, where 80% of them are of the US origin. Each show on TV passes through five stages, when it's new, pending/midseason, renewed, scheduled or canceled. Unlike media outlets, we don't want to blow your mind with long articles on the subject. All you need to know is whether your show is renewed or cancelled, and when will its release date.

Once you have registered, you may add your favorite TV shows in your personal collection by clicking the "track" button. Each time you visit the show's page, the data is updated. As a result, every time, you see the fresh status of your favorite TV shows. And it's .

In addition to the show tracking, you can rate each of them, write a review, track every episode, read the spoilers for the upcoming episodes.. You can find the new show grouped by the network or genre. The data in our database are updating every second. Thus, once the show is renewed, cancelled, or its release date is revealed, you are the first who learned about it.

Please, register in RD V2.0 and use the instant search, if you know the names of your favorite TV shows. Otherwise, if you want to explore our database, please click on the "Network" or "Genre" button, to see the TOP100 TV shows in the respective category.

We're currently working in beta, so, please forgive us for some errors, mistakes, typos, etc. The new notification system will be available soon.

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