Hetty Feather Brief Data

Show Language: English

Show Type: Scripted

Premiere date: May 11, 2015

Show network: CBBC

Show country: United Kingdom

Official website: Link

Show runtime: 30 min

Show schedule: Monday, 17:00

Show IMDB Link: IMDb Link

Show status: renewed

Show genres:

Drama Children
YEAR: 2015

CBBC Renewed Hetty Feather For Season 6

Current Show Status: Running

Next Season Status: renewed

Hetty Feather Overview & Latest News

Is there going to be another season of Hetty Feather on CBBC? Is Hetty Feather Renewed or Canceled? When should the next season premiere of Hetty Feather take place? How many episodes the next season of Hetty Feather contains? Track down the renewal/cancellation status of Hetty Feather. We publish the latest news about when Hetty Feather is renewed for a next season, the upcoming season release date is revealed, or the show is canceled.

In addition, you can read a synopsis for each the three upcoming episodes of Hetty Feather if CBBC revealed such data.

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Hetty Feather is a British 30 minute scripted children television series, which kicked off on May 11, 2015, on CBBC and is broadcast every Monday at 17:00. The show is currently in its 5th season.

CBBC has officially confirmed the renewal of Hetty Feather for Season 6. The exact release date is yet to be announced so far. Sign up to track it down.

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Hetty Feather: List of Episodes With Release Dates

Season 5

#TitleRelease Date
05x10The HomecomingJuly 8, 2019
05x09The SearchJuly 1, 2019
05x08The AccusedJune 24, 2019
05x07The Secret DoorJune 17, 2019
05x06The ParchmentJune 10, 2019
05x05The TunnelJune 3, 2019
05x04The FollyMay 27, 2019
05x03The Hidden CompartmentMay 20, 2019
05x02The ProposalMay 13, 2019
05x01The ReturnMay 6, 2019

Season 4

#TitleRelease Date
04x10The Birthday PartyJuly 9, 2018
04x09TruthJuly 2, 2018
04x08FateJune 25, 2018
04x07PrideJune 18, 2018
04x06WolvesJune 11, 2018
04x05For ShameJune 4, 2018
04x04PrisonsMay 28, 2018
04x03FamilyMay 21, 2018
04x02TroubleMay 14, 2018
04x01The New ArrivalMay 7, 2018

Season 3

#TitleRelease Date
03x10The Past ReturnsJuly 10, 2017
03x09New BeginningsJuly 3, 2017
03x08Farewell ServiceJune 26, 2017
03x07The Last SundayJune 19, 2017
03x06Cannon FodderJune 12, 2017
03x05Dangerous GameJune 5, 2017
03x04Land of OpportunityMay 29, 2017
03x03The Break-inMay 22, 2017
03x02The Unexpected FriendMay 15, 2017
03x01News From NowhereMay 8, 2017

Season 2

#TitleRelease Date
02x10The ReunionJuly 12, 2016
02x09Secrets and PlansJuly 5, 2016
02x08The LetterJune 28, 2016
02x07DreamsJune 21, 2016
02x06Remember MeJune 14, 2016
02x05BlancheJune 7, 2016
02x04ChangesMay 31, 2016
02x03Words from HomeMay 24, 2016
02x02The HauntingMay 17, 2016
02x01Foundling DayMay 10, 2016

Season 1

#TitleRelease Date
01x10Open Day, Pt. 2July 6, 2015
01x09Open Day, Pt. 1June 29, 2015
01x08Foundling ReclaimedMay 22, 2015
01x07Raising the FlagJune 15, 2015
01x06StrikeJune 8, 2015
01x05SistersJune 1, 2015
01x04Jack in the BoxMay 25, 2015
01x03The TowerMay 18, 2015
01x02The Escape, Pt. 2May 11, 2015
01x01The Escape, Pt. 1May 11, 2015


Veronica Daniel

July 17, 2019 08:12:11

This show is by far the most refreshing, interesting, exciting and just, well, GREAT!! I have always loved shows that featured the Victorian age and now I have a new favorite that even has current era relatable issues. The teens in my house have actually got hooked on this show and they are usually about nothing but the typical teen interests. We can't wait for season six!! I think it would be rather interesting if Gideon could find his parents, too. I would like to know more detail about Harriet and Mathias since they have gone to New York.

I know they were engaged, but I would like to see them again and know more. Perhaps they could come back to London as a married couple. I hope Sheila and Ida return as main characters; it is always interesting to watch them. we also like to get to know Flo better, too. It appears that there is a really good person there despite her upbringing by her awful father. Maybe Edmund could actually start to walk especially with Jack and Gideon there to coax him.

But I do hope Lady Grandiford is gone, once and for all; I have grown tired of her manipulations. She was just purely terrible the way she tried to steal from the young Indian boy and stabbed her faithful cohort in the back at Emily's birthday party. I would especially like to get to know Charles and see Matron's face when she realizes her underhand work didn't do as she hoped. She should be forced to be a maid and have to answer to Hetty. that would be simply great! There never seem to be any good shows like this in the States, so I have to tune into British tv to watch. All said--KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!