Scot Squad Brief Data

Show Language: English

Show Type: Scripted

Premiere date: November 29, 2012

Show network: BBC One Scotland

Show country: United Kingdom

Official website: Link

Show runtime: 30 min

Show schedule: Wednesday, 22:40

Show IMDB Link: IMDb Link

Show status: Running

Show genres:

YEAR: 2012

Scot Squad Season 6 Is Yet To Be Announced By BBC One Scotland

Current Show Status: Running

Next Season Status: undefined

Scot Squad Overview & Latest News

Scot Squad is a British 30 minute scripted comedy television series, which kicked off on November 29, 2012, on BBC One Scotland and is broadcast every Wednesday at 22:40. The show is currently in its 5th season.

BBC One Scotland is yet to announce the renewal of Scot Squad for Season 6 as well as its cancelation. Sign up to track down the show's status and its release date.

Scot Squad is a spoof of 'blue light' reality shows like Traffic Cops. Jack Docherty stars as Chief Constable Cameron Miekelson, and the show follows the adventures of the first Unified Scottish Police Force. Scotland has a new band of 'Bravehearts' on the streets, in the countryside, on the phone and behind a desk. Tough, brave, valiant and fearless - protecting and serving the public - on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week the Scot Squad serve up an arresting mix of crime and comedy. Featuring in-depth interview footage with the Force's first ever Chief Constable Cameron Miekelson as he shares his philosophy on law enforcement and his hopes and dreams for the future. Elsewhere, Volunteer Officer, Ken Beattie buys soup for the homeless and reassures a victim of washing line theft. Whilst city cops, Fletcher and McLaren, break up a domestic dispute as they patrol...

Next episodes spoilers

Episode 4 (April 25, 2019)

Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson lambasts allegations of bias around policing at the Edinburgh Derby, and later reassesses the Scottish Police Force's new training policy when his virtual reality programme gets all too real.

Dream cop team PC Hugh McKirdy and PC Surjit Singh come across football pundit Chick Young stranded by the roadside. When Chick gets involved in a radio debate show about Scotland's greatest football player, PC Hugh and PC Surjit's behaviour is far from sporting.

Episode 5 (May 2, 2019)

The synopsis will be available soon.

Episode 6 (May 9, 2019)

The synopsis will be available soon.

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Scot Squad: List of Episodes With Release Dates

Season 5

#TitleRelease Date
05x06Episode 6May 9, 2019
05x05Episode 5May 2, 2019
05x04Episode 4April 25, 2019
05x03Episode 3April 18, 2019
05x02Episode 2April 11, 2019
05x01Episode 1April 4, 2019

Season 4

#TitleRelease Date
04x06Episode 6December 20, 2017
04x05Episode 5December 13, 2017
04x04Episode 4December 6, 2017
04x03Episode 3November 29, 2017
04x02Episode 2November 22, 2017
04x01Episode 1November 15, 2017

Season 3

#TitleRelease Date
03x05Episode 5February 1, 2017
03x04Episode 4January 25, 2017
03x03Episode 3January 18, 2017
03x02Episode 2January 11, 2017
03x01Episode 1January 4, 2017

Season 2

#TitleRelease Date
02x06Episode 6November 23, 2015
02x05Episode 5November 16, 2015
02x04Episode 4November 9, 2015
02x03Episode 3November 2, 2015
02x02Episode 2October 26, 2015
02x01Episode 1October 19, 2015

Season 1

#TitleRelease Date
01x05Episode 5November 24, 2014
01x04Episode 4November 17, 2014
01x03Episode 3November 10, 2014
01x02Episode 2November 3, 2014
01x01Episode 1November 29, 2012