Hardball Brief Data

Show Language: English

Show Type: Game Show

Premiere date: May 14, 2018

Show network: BBC One

Show country: United Kingdom

Official website: Link

Show runtime: 45 min

Show schedule: Monday, 16:30

Show IMDB Link: IMDb Link

Show status: Running

Show genres:

YEAR: 2018

Hardball Season 2 Is Yet To Be Announced By BBC One

Current Show Status: Running

Next Season Status: undefined

Hardball Overview & Latest News

Hardball is a British 45 minute game show television series, which kicked off on May 14, 2018, on BBC One and is broadcast every Monday at 16:30. The show is currently in its 1st season.

BBC One is yet to announce the renewal of Hardball for Season 2 as well as its cancelation. Sign up to track down the show's status and its release date.

Hardball is the nail-biting, high-speed quiz show in which six contestants compete against each other for the chance to win thousands of pounds, but have they got what it takes to outrun the Hardball?

The aim of the game is simple: contestants must get as far down a long, winding track as they can by answering rapid-fire general knowledge questions. Every correct answer moves them one square along the track. However, they're being constantly hunted down by a rolling ball that never stops - the Hardball, and as soon as it passes them, the game is over.

The race is on to stay as far ahead of the Hardball, and their opponents, as they can, because round by round whoever makes the least progress will be going home.

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Hardball: List of Episodes With Release Dates

Season 1

#TitleRelease Date
01x20Episode 20June 8, 2018
01x19Episode 19June 7, 2018
01x18Episode 18June 6, 2018
01x17Episode 17June 5, 2018
01x16Episode 16June 4, 2018
01x15Episode 15June 1, 2018
01x14Episode 14May 31, 2018
01x13Episode 13May 30, 2018
01x12Episode 12May 29, 2018
01x11Episode 11May 28, 2018
01x10Episode 10May 25, 2018
01x09Episode 9May 24, 2018
01x08Episode 8May 23, 2018
01x07Episode 7May 22, 2018
01x06Episode 6May 21, 2018
01x05Episode 5May 18, 2018
01x04Episode 4May 17, 2018
01x03Episode 3May 16, 2018
01x02Episode 2May 15, 2018
01x01Episode 1May 14, 2018