Crunch Time Brief Data

Show Language: English

Show Type: Scripted

Premiere date: September 11, 2016

Show network: Rooster Teeth

Official website: Link

Show runtime: 30 min

Show schedule: Sunday,

Show IMDB Link: IMDb Link

Show status: Running

Show genres:

Comedy Science-Fiction Mystery
YEAR: 2016

Crunch Time Won't Return For Season 2 On Rooster Teeth

Current Show Status: Ended

Next Season Status: canceled

Crunch Time Overview & Latest News

Crunch Time is a 30 minute scripted mystery television series, which kicked off on September 11, 2016, on Rooster Teeth and is broadcast every Sunday at . The show is currently in its 1st season.

Rooster Teeth opted not to pick up Crunch Time for Season 2. Crunch Time officially canceled on Rooster Teeth. Sign up to track down your favorite TV shows.

In a highly classified location, four brilliant, jackass grad students are interrogated by government operatives. Why? Because the world is about to end, and it's all their fucking fault. After using reckless "cutting-edge" science for their own petty purposes, this rag tag team creates a small but potentially world-ending black hole in their college lab. The clock is ticking for this secret government agency to clean up the mess these "wannabe scientists" have made. With cooperation, the crisis could be averted before the world goes to shit. The problem? Well, these students are what you'd call bonafide assholes... and they don't know what the hell they did to tear open the fabric of space and time. They're clueless. The Solution? - tell these government operatives EVERY illegal thing they've done in the lab...

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Crunch Time: List of Episodes With Release Dates

Season 1

#TitleRelease Date
01x06The MorugaOctober 16, 2016
01x05The Party of the CenturyOctober 9, 2016
01x04The Big SleepSeptember 25, 2016
01x03The BusinessSeptember 18, 2016
01x02The Brain FrameSeptember 11, 2016
01x01The BeginningSeptember 11, 2016